Parallel Dances


Parallel Dances

1 Wicked tavern

2 Parallel dances

3 What fury ?

4 Eclipse’s games
5 When rock was young

6 Us and them

7 Down under

8 Parallel alt.take

Voice, horns ‘n others: Jerry Cutillo, R. Johnson, K. Jones

Guitars: Iacopo Ruggeri, E. Quacquarini, D.Dari

Bass: V. Bacci, P. Matino, M. Delorenzi, The Snug

Drums: D. Wilson, M. Vurchio, M. Masi

Keys ‘n programs: Jerry Cutillo, The Snug, F. Raponi

Recorded in “Alta tensione”
Produced by “The Snug”, summer ‘99