O.A.K. Orbiting - Alkemy - Kreativity

Jerry Cutillo

Orbiting - Alkemy - Kreativity

Jerry Cutillo

Jerry Cutillo, deus ex machina of the artistic nucleus named O.A.K. (Orbiting – Alkemy – Kreativity), is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and songwriter.  Encompassing the world of prog rock, he has explored a resounding bridge between the European esoteric traditions and the magical rituals of Siberia, giving birth to a new, sophisticated and timeless musical vocabulary. His main strengths are represented by intriguing compositions, taste for arrangements, melody and energy stretched to the limit in his live act, which includes a wide cross-section of  self-penned songs, traditional tunes and prog classics. All of this, together with a large number of collaborations with icons of the british progressive music,  has given him and his band great recognition all around the world. “NINE WITCHES UNDER A WALNUT TREE” (out on 9th september  2020) was the missing piece of the esoteric prog trilogy started in  2016 with the album “VIANDANZE”  and continued with the successful, double LP “GIORDANO BRUNO” in 2018. 

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