O.A.K. Oscillation - Alkemy - Kreativity


Jerry Cutillo september 93

Rome, September 1993.

Singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jerry Cutillo is in his studio intent on a ritual to recall the divinities of the astral spheres. His purpose is to ask them to magically break the cycle of sterile bands he has been involved in, since the beginning of the 90’s. To the dark entities that dwell in the labyrinths of art, he therefore asks to be guided towards the formulation of a powerful and enduring core of musicians to work with. Jerry already has nearly 20 years of professional music experience.

He started in 1975 as an adept of the psychedelic movement in Italy playing keyboards and flute with bands such as Imago and Albergo Intergalattico Spaziale. Then he joined some new wave bands as a guitarist and was signed as a singer/songwriter (Looking for fame) by the Pollicino & co recording studio (Marco Lecci, Romano Musumarra, Massimo e Piero Calabrese, Giulio Albamonte). He subsequently joined the group of Maestro Pippo Caruso with whom he had a residency at the well-known tv program DOMENICA IN (fifth edition 1980/1981) and in 1986 he found himself on top of the European charts with the nickname of  Moses. But now Jerry has changed his mind and wants to rediscover his authentic musical soul.This was how the project of mixing vintage Prog Rock, ethnic music and psychedelic sounds was born and, together with young guitarist Iacopo Ruggeri, Jerry Cutillo formed O.A.K.  The debut of the new musical creature took place in Calcata, a village of Tuscia shrouded in fog and surrounded by medieval walls. The lineup was completed by a rhythmic section which, unfortunately, didn’t last too long. The recordings of their debut album were in fact concluded only by Jerry and Iacopo. With the title OAK the band’s first effort, published only on musicassette, represented the potentials of the duo and the peculiarity of Jerry’s compositions. Many seeds were sown but Jerry had to wait for better times to establish his artistic status once again. A danger was threatening the creativity of the new generation of musicians: The cover mania!

OAK first album artwork