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David Jackson and Jerry Cutillo 2017
O.A.K. with David Jackson and Maartin Allcock - Antu' club 2010
A gothic ritual had been enough to exorcise the Jethro Tull demons but to decode the dark energy of VdGG, Jerry Cutillo was facing a different alchemical power. He was feeling the wheezes of a terrific beast getting near and near… but, luckily, Jerry opened his eyes just as he was about to scream and saw David Jackson taking the tenor saxophone, then the alto and say: “Ok, let me call my demons back”.
Then he blew a cascade of notes that chilled Jerry’s blood. However, this was exactly what the songwriter of the band O.A.K. (Oscillazioni Alchemico Kreative) wanted for the end of one of his most intriguing songs: My old man. David had recently lost his mother and, by a strange twist of fate, Jerry’s song was written in memory of his father, who lately had passed away too. The two musicians, both passengers on the same Time Generator, seemed to travel in assonance. Through the snow of a December’s Man Erg, the sweet smelling of Cropredy festival, the nocturnal listenings of “H to He” chemical formulas and… the loss of a suitcase loaded with wind instruments, VIANDANZE was born !

It was the week before Christmas 2010. On the Thursday, I set off to Rome on another EasyJet flight out of Gatwick. I was travelling as usual with my large and heavy flight case full of saxophone and flutes and vital accessories like straps and stands; tools and reeds. That night I rehearsed with Jerry Cutillo’s Band called O.A.K. Maartin Allcock and I were the special guests for a ‘Christmas’ special at Antù Live Music Club, Via Libetta,  Rome. The rehearsal that night was long and tiring, but the set was exciting and the playing fantastic.On the Friday was the gig. After the sound check people stared to arrive. What made it quite exceptional was the large number of young children there. Jerry has a bewitching 8 year old daughter called Isabel. She came mob handed with loads of class mates and their siblings and accompanying parents and friends. The kids were all wearing red and white Christmas elves outfits, so it was more than a typical night at a live Prog Rock Club! I suddenly decided to get them together and teach them a minimal choir part for my opening song with the band‘Corpus Christi Carol.’ This they learned quickly and with great enthusiasm. They were excited beyond belief, and thrilled to be part of the show and playing with Jerry’s band! They made the entry during my improvised solo and it went beautifully. Of course, Isabel sang with her Dad on stage and the Elves Choir stole the show. It was a great night of such exciting music.On the Saturday I was due to fly home, but all flights into Gatwick were cancelled due to heavy snow in England. By coincidence, it snowed in Ostia by the sea where I was staying. An old man joined me in a photograph session on the beach. ‘Historico’, he exclaimed, ‘It’s been 25 years since last snow in Roma!’I was upset about the flight as I wanted to get home and prepare for Christmas with my family. On my phone, I managed to book a flight home on the Monday, so Maartin and I had an extra weekend of great company and hospitality at Jerry’s home. At Fiumicino airport on the Monday I checked in my luggage as usual but Jerry had to pay an extra for my flight case. Then, he helped me to load it on to the X-Ray machine at Security. I waved him good-bye and then disappeared through into Departures. As usual, my EasyJet flight was delayed as there were a lot of problems with aircraft and crews. When I arrived at the baggage hall in Gatwick, my suitcase arrived as normal but my flight-case just did not appear. I searched for it for ages in total despair. I later joined the long queue and reported it missing to Menzies Baggage Control. I was told it might be OK and cases were usually found in 2 or 3 days, which is normal. But there was nothing normal about that baggage hall. There were thousands of abandoned bags filling every isle between the carousels.I knew the weather at Gatwick was getting very bad again as we walked across the runway from the plane. After two and a half hours of searching, I had no choice but to get my van and to try and get home through the heavy falling snow. On the Wednesday, after hearing nothing and with no information from World Tracer Services, my mood was becoming very despondent. I’ve cherished these instruments for over 40 years. Recently my daughter Dorie met ‘Steve’ in Manchester. He told her about a VdGG gig he attended in Liverpool in 1971, when he was 15.Someone took my (same) flute off the stage, and he and his mates gave chase. They caught him half way down the road, grabbed the flute and ran back to the gig. I do remember someone passing me my flute from the audience, just when I needed it – strange! All my instruments were lost for a week in our stolen truck in Rome in 1975 in an incident that made national news. This year Lufhansa, lost them for a few hours, but they tracked the case down immediately. I’ve had a few scares over the years!But this EasyJet situation however was looking and feeling hopeless. World tracer did not have a clue where they were or where they were last. What is the point of all these tags and bar codes, if they don’t scan them and process the information? These are my tools that have gone missing. They have been customized to suit my Double Horn playing. This time I really feared the worst. By chance, Gianni Leone from Balletto di Bronzo spoke to a sympathetic airport officer with an interest in the story of a distress rock musician. This man was a fan of 1970’s Progressive music and knew of Van der Graaf Generator so He decided to leave his desk and go to look for the flight case, with the photo and description clear in his mind. Later that night, he found the case. It has been forgotten in an….ELEVATOR!!!!!! David Jackson 24/12/2010

Jerry Cutillo - Castel Sant' Angelo 2015

Eventually David Jackson got his woodwinds back and kept on blowing his horns. The first chapter of O.A.K.’s esoteric prog trilogy was done and saw the relevant contributions of Jonathan Noyce and Jenny Sorrenti which fitted perfectly with the mood of the project. On the album’s opening track, Magico noce, the legendary walnut tree of Benevento made its first appearance in Jerry Cutillo’s imagination, while the name of Giordano Bruno already resounded among the nightmares and prophecies of the track Giubileo. Strange but true the song lyrics, referring to religious fanaticisms, foreseen the attack at the Bataclan in Paris. The massacre took place in fact on the day after the video shooting of the song, carried out outside Saint Peter’s cathedral and Farnese square (Rome) where the French embassy is located.

“…Combative and electrified minstrels sing for the joy of our spirit and open up to joyful dances. The contact with the essence of nature, between the feminine and the masculine, is accomplished in an alchemical miracle: The androgynous super being.If much on this album captures the soul through the lyrics, which denote a study of the relationship of each of us with our origins, the compositional format – in this handful of songs – guides it admirably. The mixture of narration and sound seems to extends like on the pages of a book. Jerry Cutillo, the natural leader of O.A.K., has a theory: A Rock&Prog band must be open, polychrome and iridescent. The musicians may have been trained in different schools, but only passion must move them. In the songs there are references to English prog bands of the seventies but Cutillo does not wink and does not sell anything. He clearly says that Music is a magic circle, whose only golden rule is to become ourselves the “pictogram” of our life. Do you know the crop circles ? Well, no one knows how they appear but they express ancestral dreams, sometimes for just one night, and they remain etched in the memory like the figure of a beloved father or… like this O.A.K.’s record.” Maurizio Baiata Rock journalist


Jerry Cutillo - Hamlet theatre 2018

“Rome, February 17, 1600. The prison door slams shut shattering the silence. Guards gag the heretic Giordano Bruno, locked up in the Inquisition prison so that no voice or scream challenges the silence on the way to Campo dè Fiori. There, awaits the stake, the flame and his destiny. In the moments just before the execution, Giordano Bruno falls into a vortex of flashbacks and flashforwards.”

GIORDANO BRUNO, the  double LP by Jerry Cutillo and O.A.K., based on the life of the philosopher, became an unprecedented  rock opera. Jerry’s compositions, supported by a lineup of special guests such as David Jackson (VDGG), Richard Sinclair (Caravan, Camel), Sonja kristina (Curved Air), Maartin Allcock (Jethro Tull), Jenny Sorrenti, Derek Wilson and others, reached the apex of the new millennium symphonic prog. French magazine Koid9 declared it best prog album of the 2018.

“After a recording session with Jerry in an English studio, in 2010, I played with O.A.K. a concert and it was a great event. Then I took part in the “Giordano Bruno” project which fascinated me a lot because the last time I met Jerry, we stopped under the statue of the philosopher in Rome, Campo dè Fiori. There, he told me about the project he had in mind and after a few years I received some material from him. I listened to it and immediately called him and said: “This is great music, fantastic, please, I want to play on it”. We agreed on three songs but in the end I recorded seven and, at the presentation of the album at the Planet club, in February 2018, I played twelve! [laughs]. “I have to invite all readers to listen to O.A.K. music, especially the song “Circe”. This melody is one of the greatest in the Italian Prog history. Jerry is truly a tremendous talent and he mustn’t be forgotten or overlooked.” David Jackson (VDGG)

Richard Sinclair & Jerry Cutillo 2017

The double album GIORDANO BRUNO revealed an underworld of romantic symphonies and secular charms. A magical sound-dust aggregated around brilliant arrangements while the lyrics sang of hidden truths and mysterious omens. With this work, the author Jerry Cutillo transmuted Giordano Bruno’s spiritual research coloring its reflections as in a sound prism revealing its most impenetrable aspects. 

“And…to the masters of the world, the wise man asks only not to come between he and the sun”.


Jerry Cutillo 2020

After leaving his hooded spirit guide, Jerry Cutillo arrives tired but happy at the entrance of the courtyard in Solopaca (Benevento) where the braying of the donkey greeted his first sunrise, sixty years ago … but there, other voices are calling, more and more insistent. They are the spirits of the local women which had been executed over the centuries for crimes never committed and now their hidden eyes return to ignite visions.  

Jerry wants to know more and climbs at the top of the rocky ridge of the Strait of Barba near the city of Benevento. In mind he has the battles between Samnites and Romans, the cult of the goddess Isis, the Longobard’s bloody rituals under the walnut tree and he ends up paying with a claw-shaped wound the desecration of the cliff of the Janare witches. But it is only a warning, an invitation to act with intellectual honesty. Will he be the one to put those tortured limbs back together? Will he be the one to voice the moans whispered in the moonlight? Nine witches are on their way to give life to a Sabbath of shared experiences under the branches of a walnut tree.

The album opens its dance with rumours of swords and battle cries. It is the awakening of the nordic heritage of the Sannio which intersects with the other scenarios of the album (Chlodswinda). Jerry Cutillo’s distinctive voice and Jonathan Noyce’s walking bass blend with the odd rhythms that mark the album progression. The soprano Tetyana Shyshkaya sings tonal intervals over a chansonnier’s tale and Daniele Fuligni’s grand piano caresses the magic of a French alchemist. But the highlight comes when Jerry turns on the Time Generator once again. David Jackson’s screaming saxophones could not be missing on this last step of O.A.K.’s trilogy and the duet with the Cutillo’s theremin sound comes at the forefront on (Donna Prudentia). On the last song of the album the mandolins, scented with herbs and roots, light up rainbows of synthesizers launched towards distant galaxies. 
A magical kaleidoscope will transmute the profiles of the nine witches into one single face, carved in the trunk of a walnut tree.

Link to O.A.K. Jerry Cutillo press kit https://sites.google.com/view/oakjerrycutillo/home

Sonja Kristina & Jerry Cutillo
Jerry Cutillo, Maurizio Baiata, Carlo Massarini 2017
Jerry Cutillo, Eugenio Stefanizzi, Maurizio Baiata, Francesco Pozone - Gold plate for Giordano Bruno O.A.K. album 2018