O.A.K. Oscillation - Alkemy - Kreativity


“A team of associated artistic individualities”. “Imagination, technique and commitment to counteract the rampant deafness towards art”. “The awakening of auteur music and the rebirth of the artist’s profession”.

So it was, that in the fall of 2014, the name Crafty Art Venture  defined the characteristics of a group of independent artists. In full autonomy and with a vivid creativity, the team oriented on experimental grounds, embracing a variety of artistic disciplines. And, as for every project a little bit of luck doesn’t hurt, Jerry found “The Idea Factory in Rome” a co-working space for professional creatives.The manager Angelo Magni shown great empathy to Jerry’s project and made his spaces available to the Crafty Art Venture program at a minimal cost. Jerry took charge of the expenses and managed the artistic direction. Together with him was Alfredo Fabbri, whose work as a sound engineer turned to be decisive. Then, a bunch of friends gathered around helping in various ways. After the opening day, the press titled the event: Magic and Crafty Art Works: Who has ever seen such a show?

GAlong the course of six events done, prog deliriums, surrealist narrations, luminous paintings, border music adventures, shamanic resonances, Japanese drumming, mime performings and legends of the sacred wood wrapped the house band O.A.K in a magical Time Generator. In parallel, inside the Trance Factory Lounge, live and virtual performances interacted on streaming. Last but not least, in the Chilling room, a refreshment and a toast with the Solopaca wine delighted the guests.