O.A.K. Oscillation - Alkemy - Kreativity


Jerry Cutillo 1997


In 1995 O.A.K. recorded  Heresis Strigiatum.  Producer Sergio Gribanovsky made his “Wessak farm studio” available and got on very well with Jerry’s creativity and experimental attitude. Esotericism and phantasmagoria wrapped the tracks of the album, while rural flavors, spiritual mantras and space odysseys traced their course. (Danze parallele). Positive responses came from magazines such as Atropos, Arlequins, Cirkus and Raro and the label On/Off records published the song  Taverna Magica on Floralia psychedelic music collection.

 S.A.T.O.R. 1997

After four years of militancy with the O.A.K., guitarist Iacopo Ruggeri had to temporarily leave the band due to the military service commitment. His departure however, did not entail a setback for the band. Jerry put in -stand by- the band’s rhythmic section and turned on his eight-track tape recorder to produce four tracks playing all the instruments himself. The result was a remarkable album titled S.A.T.O.R. (Sator Arepo Tenet Opera Rotas). The project resounded of arcane visions, odd rhythms and outrageous summons handled by Jerry’s extraordinary multi-instrumentalism. His skill as a lyricist was evident too and was shown in his way of reveling enigmas and asking new questions. Choir of superlative comments raised up to this (rather Lo-Fi) autoproduction which became the visit card of an artist with great talent and attitude. Thrilled at the idea of making further steps, Jerry flew to London. The gigs he will perform in UK will put the basis for the next big events.



At the end of the century, producer Alessandro Barocchi finalized some Jerry’s tracks to complete the project “Parallel dances” doing his best to bring out Jerry’s distinctive vocals and stylistic traits. The influences on this work, published under the name Oakull & the Snug,  were manifold but led to a magic alchemy. Jerry played many instruments, sang and arranged some of the best songs he ever wrote. Top session men, such as Derek Wilson, Michele Vurchio, Romina Johnson, Pippo Matino and Karen Jhones, impressed their print on the tracks and the result was an album of virtuosity and taste. Drummer Derek Wilson put one track on his video tutorial as a peculiar example of odd rhythmic signature. At the turn of the century “Parallel Dances” consolidated Jerry’s songwriting and vocal style and gave a go to an upcoming period of recognition throughout Europe.

(O.A.K. “When Rock was young” live at Music Inn 2013)