O.A.K. Oscillation - Alkemy - Kreativity


O.A.K. Rockbook line up 2016
The newspaper La Repubblica referred to O.A.K. Jerry Cutillo’s new show and wrote: “Rockbook is the new music/reading/visual show by Jerry Cutillo’s O.A.K. 
Vintage sound forms and Art Rock are combined with anecdotes and video contributions…”
On this journey into the old legends of the seven notes, Jerry was driven by the ambition to color every shadow that have populated his musical world. Prog classicsGlam rock , Traditional music were combined with the best O.A.K. tunes. A sharp dualism emerged from the multimedia performance where subliminal moments flew high opposed to songs sharp like razor that sung about a lost generation to whom has not been given a second chance. But when the curtain goes up, there would be limits only for those short of dreams… And on stage Jerry thanked his heroes with the energy of a rookie. He and his O.A.K. , from trio formula up to more than ten elements, performed some extraordinary shows with simplicity and sentiment which implied the end of the big star’s era and the beginning of a new dawn of self made artists.