O.A.K. Oscillation - Alkemy - Kreativity


Filosofi senza libri Artwork 2004

The sound of the tin whistle takes us to the headwaters forest (California) to meet Julia Hill who’s standing on top of a centuries-old redwood tree since nearly two years. She wants to stop the loggers of the Pacific Lumber Company from cutting down Luna, her tree (Forest Cathedrals). Following we find the Polynesian chant of the indigenous people threatened by the French nuclear tests (Mururoa mon amour). Then we have the exodus of the migrants, narrated in the title track (Filosofi senza libri) with great poetry. Then come the J. Monod’s theories that see chance at the beginning of any change in the macro reality… And these, are just some of the themes explored on the sixth album of O.A.K. 
“Filosofi senza libri” was out on 04/04/04 with human feelings as its identity and the world as its limit. Unfolded in pop harmonies, ethnic resonances and elektro loops & noises, the songs are a manifesto of contemporary life. At the recording desk was Marco Viale who managed also the guest musicians including Rodolfo Maltese. The guitar player of (BMS) appeared on the title track and Skandalist,  a folk/pop song inspired by Esenin’s poem “Confessions of a Hooligan”. On the promotional gigs, O.A.K. & Kyrgyz Dancers gave a further push to the band’s  esotericism sowing new seeds for Jerry’s future. 

(O.A.K. & Siberian Dancers)